Welcome from the Director

Welcome to the Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education at the University of Wisconsin! The UW CIPE strives to transform health education and practice through interprofessional collaboration and teamwork to improve the Quadruple Aim: Better Health, Better Care, Lower Cost, and Improved Work Experience in Wisconsin and beyond.

During the past academic year (2018-2019), the Health Sciences Schools and Programs, in collaboration with each other and with the UW CIPE, have offered number of IPE opportunities like IPE Competency Modules, IPE simulations, Student IPHC Summit, which will be shared in our 1st Annual Report soon. Please stay tuned!

UW CIPE Competency Modules

UW CIPE Competency Modules

The UW CIPE in collaboration with our schools/program partners have developed the following 4 competency modules based on the Interprofessional Practice Collaborative (IPEC) Competency Domains:

Interprofessional Teamwork
Interprofessional Communication
Values and Ethics
Roles and Responsibilities

The intent of this series of modules is to advance students’ acquisition of collaborative practice competencies as defined by the Interprofessional Education Collaborative (IPEC) in order to meet escalating accreditation standards for interprofessional education (IPEC, 2016). Each UW CIPE Module targets one IPEC core competency and a number of related sub-competencies.