Welcome To The University of Wisconsin Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education (UW CIPE)! The UW CIPE strives to transform health education and practice through interprofessional collaboration and teamwork to improve the Quadruple Aim (Better Health, Better Care, Lower Cost, and Improved Work Experience) in Wisconsin and beyond.

 During the past academic year (2018-2019), the Health Sciences Schools and Programs, in collaboration with each other and with the UW CIPE, have offered four IPE Competency Modules, IPE simulations, and a number of other IPE activities and opportunities, which will be shared within our 1st Annual Report soon. Please stay tuned!

In the upcoming academic year, we are working collaboratively with our stakeholders and partners within, across and beyond programs/schools/UW/community to build on the UW IPE foundations. Our goal is to create and promote an open, inclusive, sustainable and forward-thinking Center for the IPE at the UW and beyond. We believe that the University of Wisconsin has the potential to become a local, national, and even global leader in IPE. To achieve this, the UW CIPE has recently participated in number of meetings and dialogues with UW leadership, faculty/staff, students and the community, and has hosted an IPE Student Town Hall and a Faculty/Staff IPE Champion Retreat. The main purpose of many of these meetings and events has been to continue building relationships with and to engage, explore and understand their status and needs in IPE, and to gain insights in shaping the UW CIPE’s Strategic Directions. To finalize its 5-year Strategic Plan and Directions, the UW CIPE has hosted a Strategic Planning Workshop on Tuesday, June 25th, and Wednesday, June 26th.

We thanks and appreciate the participation of the Deans of the Health Sciences Schools in delivering their opening remarks, and all others who joined us during our two-day strategic planning. Your contributions have been instrumental in creating a 5-year Strategic Directions to guide IPE initiatives and implementation at the University of Wisconsin and beyond. We are working to compile data collected during the 2-day workshop meeting and we intend to share a finalized draft of the Strategic Directions in the coming month/s. We are grateful for your ongoing support and input. To learn more about UW CIPE, please visit About US.

UW IPE Inventory Survey

In line with the UW CIPE’s new strategic planning, we are conducting a Cross-Campus IPE Gap Analysis this summer.  In doing so, the UW CIPE is surveying different programs/departments/schools/ centers to provide us with information about their current (and potential) IPE-related programs/courses/activities/workshops/seminars/conferences/opportunities to develop a UW IPE Inventory list. The results will be used to do an IPE mapping across our campus, as well as to list the offerings on the UW CIPE Web site. To learn more and complete the survey, please visit UW IPE Inventory Survey!

Summer IPE Movie Night

This summer, UW CIPE is offering an IPE Movie Night on Monday July 29th from 4:30-6:00pm at Signe Skott Cooper Hall (ALC Room 1321). Please Join us to Watch, Learn, Reflect, and Collaborate while having Fun! To learn more and register, please visit Summer IPE Movie Night!