UW IPE Path of Distinction Program 2022 Cohort Orientation

PoD Cohort, Sue Wenker, Hossein Khalili, Roberta Rusch, and Kaitlyn Hawley
UW CIPE is delighted to announce the incoming cohort of the UW IPE Path of Distinction (PoD) Program Scholars.  This is our second cohort. The 2022 cohort includes 8 cross-professional students from five programs: Medicine, Nursing-TBSN, Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant, and Public Health.  Congratulations and welcome!
A UW IPE Path of Distinction Program Gathering & Orientation was held on Monday, December 12, 2022 with all 8 2022 cohort PoD students attending, students from the 2021 cohort, as well as members of the UW IPE Badger and PoD Taskforce.  The session included interprofessional and mixed cohort small group activities and discussions, an orientation for the incoming cohort, as well as an opportunity for the 2021 cohort to connect and provide updates to one another and share feedback with UW CIPE staff and a member of the Taskforce.
We are so proud of the interprofessional learning,  leadership, and now mentorship by our 2021 cohort and remain excited in helping them to  continue to learn and grow.  As we welcome our 2022 cohort, we are excited to see the interprofessional learning and leadership that will take place as they start their PoD journey, while staying in close contact with their PoD peers learning with, from and about each other.
Students’ names, brief bios, and photos of each student in the 2022 cohort will be added to the UW CIPE website in January 2023 and will also be shared in the February 2023 Bi-monthly Update.
To learn more about the UW IPE PoD Program as a whole as well as the 2021 cohort, please visit:
2022 UW IPE Path of Distinction Program Cohort
2022 Cohort
Front row: Dr. Hossein Khalili (Director of UW CIPE), Jacqueline Olen (TBSN Candidate 2024), Dia Miller (TBSN Candidate 2024), Laura Birkeland (Director of MGCS & PoD Taskforce Member).
Middle row: Roberta Rusch (Associate Director of UW CIPE), Joanna Hagan (MPH Candidate 2024), Holly Adams (TBSN Candidate 2024), Connor McCullough (DPT Candidate 2024), Dr. Sue Wenker (Director of DPT and PoD Taskforce Member), (Academic Program Specalist for UW CIPE).
Back row: Alankrit Shatadal (MD Candidate 2026), Holly Keddington (PA Candidate 2024), Janmesh Patel (MD Candidate 2026)