IPHC Cocoa, Cookies, & K-9 event

 IPHC Cocoa, Cookies & K-9 Event IPHC Cocoa, Cookies & K-9 Event IPHC Board Members IPHC Cocoa, Cookies & K-9 Event IPHC Cocoa, Cookies & K-9 Event

The Interprofessional Health Council (IPHC) helped UW-Madison health sciences students de-stress at the end of the semester and at the start of the frenzy of finals on Wednesday 12/14/22. Over 100 students attended the event held in the School of Pharmacy. Students represented Nursing, Pharmacy, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, and other programs.  At this event, IPHC served hot chocolate from Panera, assorted cookies, and had two OccuPaws dogs  in training there for petting – Inu and Izzie, two black labradors who are sisters from the same litter.

The IPHC Board President is Kha Lor, a second-year medical student and an IPE PoD student.  Also on the Executive Board is Vice President, and IPE PoD student, Jee Young Chung who is also a second-year medical student. Other Board Members include Cecelia Murray Hickey, Erika Intrepidi, and Nikki Huynh, who are all Pharmacy students. The Board will be planning additional events next semester, most notably the IPHC Annual Summit in April.  Keep your eye out for updates on the Annual Summit, including a final date and time, as well as the deadline for submission of poster abstracts for the poster presentation.

Special Thank you and Spotlight on OccuPaws

A special thank you to Pharmacy staff Josh Cutler, Facilities Manager,  and Ed Elder, PhD, RPh, Director, Zeeh Pharmaceutical Experiment Station for bringing their OccuPaws dogs in training (Inu and Izzie).  OccuPaws is a nonprofit, charitable organization based out of Madison, WI that is an International Guide Dog Federation accredited school.  OccuPaws’ mission is to place fully trained guide dogs with visually impaired residents of Wisconsin (and surrounding cities within 150 miles of Wisconsin’s borders) at no charge, through an in-home training program.
Visit the link here to learn more about OccuPaws: https://occupaws.org/