Advanced Dementia Interprofessional Clinical Simulation (ADICS) Mini-Course

UW CIPE, in collaboration with the Advanced Dementia Interprofessional Clinical Simulation (ADICS) Mini-Course planning team, planned and delivered a completely virtual version of the ADICS mini-course which took place in November 2022.  During this event,  4 groups of interprofessional student teams joined with a facilitator and Simulated Patients (SP’s).
The overall goals of the Advanced Dementia Interprofessional Clinical Simulation, (ADICS) Mini-Course include helping students to improve their interprofessional team-based care competencies (IPEC, 2016), to promote a client/patient-centered approach, and to apply professional knowledge in providing quality care and services to people living with dementia.
This virtual simulation  course includes a series of four units (two asynchronous units and two synchronous simulation units). The first unit gives students an introduction to 3Ds (depression, delirium, and dementia) in preparation for the first visit with a simulated patient and their caregiver (SP’s).  During the second unit students are tasked with applying interprofessional collaborative skills to a complex discharge situation where knowledge of a condition, along with the roles and responsibilities of the members of the healthcare team, are required.  In the third unit, students are needed to review cognitive and functional tests and measures, along with interpretation of scores in preparation of their last visit with their patient and caregiver SP’s.  For the fourth and final unit, students use interprofessional knowledge integration in developing a collaborative care plan for the patient and the caregiver.
Students who complete the ADICS will receive a UW-Madison IPE Simulation Badge offered by UW CIPE. The IPE Simulation Badge will count towards UW IPE Path of Distinction.
A special thank you to all who helped to make this possible including Kathleen Tissot, staff at the Wichman Clinical Teaching and Assessment Center, for helping to plan, recruit, and train the standardized patients who joined; facilitators Beth Fields, Hossein Khalili, Tracy Schroepfer, Sue Wenker; the wonderful standardized patients who joined us; and the interprofessional students.
This opportunity will be held again in Fall 2023.  To learn more about this opportunity, visit
ADICS 2022 SP's ADICS 2022 Participants