Dr. Khalili led the Publication of the IPECP In Post-Covid Healthcare Education & Practice Transformation Discussion Paper

As we are emerging out of the Pandemic, we have a unique opportunity to leverage on the lessons learned from the pandemic in fostering the healthcare transformation through innovation and IPECP. To capitalize on this opportunity and in a collaborative effort, and under the leadership of Dr. Khalili, the InterprofessionalResearch.Global (IPR.Global), the American Interprofessional Health Collaborative (AIHC), and the Canadian Interprofessional Health Collaborative (CIHC) have published the Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice (IPECP) in Post-COVID Healthcare Education and Practice Transformation Era E-Book. This e-book, as a Discussion Paper, aims to explore and discuss (from a global perspective) the impact and application of healthcare education and practice transformation on IPECP as we emerge from the COVID Pandemic with the goal to identify best practices to integrate and sustain IPECP. The e-book provides information in two main sections:

  • IPECP and Healthcare Education and Practice at a Cross Point: The future of healthcare relies on our successful and systematic evolution out of the Pandemic. The COVID-19 Pandemic has placed healthcare at a crossroads of either viewing it as a temporary situation that requires short-term solutions, or as a major disruption that presents opportunities for innovation for sustainable development and transformation.
  • From Momentum to a Movement: Ways to Integrate and Sustain IPECP in Healthcare Education and Practice: As the landscape of higher education and healthcare is continuing to evolve to meet the growing needs and expectations of students, patients, and communities, it is time for the IPECP leaders to reflect on the changing societal trends, demographics, diversity, and technologies in becoming more adaptable for the future. The healthcare digital transformation and technologies are here to stay and grow, and the sustainability and growth of virtual learning and practice in IPECP will be reliant on how we best utilize them to meet the IPECP agenda and goal of achieving Quintuple Aim.

We call the interprofessional educators, practitioners, leaders, scholars, and policy makers to utilize both ‘Forward Thinking and Adaptability’ and ‘Sustainability and Growth’ in their IPECP approaches and strategies, to achieve Quintuple Aim. As learned during the Pandemic, working together – across professions, institutions, nations, and globally – is essential in emerging stronger and in transforming our healthcare education and practice.

To read more and download the publication, please follow the link here.