Dr. Khalili the Lead Author of the 2022 Global IPE Situational Analysis Results E-Book

Dr. Hossein Khalili, the Director of the University of Wisconsin Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education (UW CIPE), led the development and publication of 2022 Global IPE Situational Analysis Results Final Report E-Book. This e-book, as an up-to-date global IPE report after the World Health Organization Study Group on IPECP environmental scan in 2010, (Rodger et al., 2010), presents the results of 2020-2021 global IPE situational analysis survey conducted by the InterprofessionalResearch.Global (IPR.Global) in collaboration with the Interprofessional.Global.

In total, 152 academic institutions from six regions worldwide contributed to the study. As reported in this e-book, despite the significant growth of IPE program development across the globe, the integration, sustainability, and growth of institutional-level IPE remains a top priority around the globe.

The e-book presents the recent global uptake of IPE along with the micro-, meso-, and macro-level processes that support (or hinder) the IPE programs development and implementation across the globe. The results are presented both at the global and regional levels. This e-book also shares the gained insights on the global status of IPE.  This e-book also shares the gained insights on the global status of IPE with the global IPECP community that they can use it in their advocacy towards IPE integration and sustainability in their institutions and regions during the post-COVID healthcare education and practice transformation. To learn more, here is the link to the full Final Report.

You are welcome to widely distribute this free of charge e-book with your colleagues, students, institutions, and networks.