UW CIPE Strategic Planning Workshop

HSC Staff & Faculty Gathered for a meeting

To finalize its 5-year Strategic Plan and Directions, UW CIPE is hosting a Strategic Planning Workshop on Tuesday, June 25th (from 12:30-4:30pm) and Wednesday, June 26th (from 8:30am-4:30pm) in the SMPH Health Science Learning Center (HSLC), Room 3110-A.

The goals and objectives of the workshop include:

  • Build relationships, team cohesion and commitment towards UW IPE.
  • Articulate strengths and accomplishments of the UW IPE to date.
  • Discover what is happening in the environment (e.g. national, international) that influences our work.
  • Review and revise a strategy that includes a 5-year vision, priorities and initial goals and objectives.
  • Develop an engagement strategy to involve stakeholders in fleshing out and bringing the strategy to life.
  • Identify next steps for developing a strategic plan.

Administrations, faculty, staff and students from across campus and community partners have been invited to participate in this 2-day Workshop.