UW CIPE Advanced Dementia Simulation Beta Test


UW CIPE in collaboration with CTAC and its program/school partners beta tested its ADICS Mini-Course, from August 11-18, with participation of ten students from five different programs (pharmacy, OT, PT, SLP, and SW), four standardized patients, and four facilitators. The overall goals of the ADICS Mini-Course include helping students to improve their interprofessional team-based care competencies (IPEC, 2016), to promote a client/patient-centered approach, and to apply professional knowledge.

UW CIPE would like to thanks the student participants, the SPs, facilitators, CTAC team, and Dr. Wenker for her leadership in the development and beta testing of the ADICS mini-course. To learn more about the ADICS, please visit UW CIPE Simulation Program at https://cipe.wisc.edu/education/.