Successful Virtual Delivery of UW CIPE Teamwork Competency Module

Teamwork Module Virtual Meeting Participants Picture

Welcome to 2020-2021 Academic Year.

UW CIPE is pleased to announce that, in collaboration with our program/school partners, we were able to deliver our first 2020-2021 IPE Offering, the Interprofessional Teamwork Competency Module, as a fully online module.

The Interprofessional Teamwork Competency Module Live Session was offered on September 3rd to 600 students from Medicine, Nursing (ABSN and TBSN), Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy and Physician Assistant, using six Canvas courses and Blackboard Collaborate Ultra (BBCU) hosting six simultaneous Live sessions. Twenty-four facilitators, five IT support staff, and the UW CIPE team assisted with the delivery of the sessions.

In this Module, students were grouped into interprofessional teams and participated in three small group activities (using BBCU Breakout Groups). The students also engaged in an introductory session that included the overview of their team activities, and a final large group discussion. Students were engaged throughout, using technology to participate in both their small group and in their large group, which included over 100 students in each BBCU Main room. The UW CIPE would like to congratulate and thank the students, facilitators, IT Staff, and the Module Planning Team for this great success.

The next IPE Offering is the UW CIPE Roles and Responsibilities Competency Module scheduled from September 21-28, 2020.