Graduated UW IPE PoD Students

Below you will find UW IPE PoD students who have graduated with the UW IPE Path of Distinction Program completed.  The first UW IPE PoD student to graduate was Sarah Uhm, MPH, in Spring 2023.  We are so proud to have had the chance to watch Sarah learn with, from, and about other students, growing as a future leader in IPE.  We wish Sarah the best in all of Sarah’s future endeavors!

  • Sarah Uhm

Headshot- Uhm, Sarah

Program/year: Master of Public Health, Class of 2023

What IPE means to me: IPE challenges us to grow as healthcare leaders, identify innovative ways to transform care practices, and improve health and health equity across all communities.

Click HERE to veiw Sarah’s UW IPE PoD Final Reflection.