Brain Health Curriculum for Middle and High School Students

We are excited to announce that the Department of Public Instruction has published the brain health curriculum for Middle and High School students. The curriculum pairs the skill of advocacy with learning about brain health, dementia and prevention of brain injury.

“Advocacy for Self and others: Brain Health”:

DPI Health Education webpage where the curriculum is posted:


Project Description:

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) created a new unit designed for Middle and High School Students called ‘Advocacy for Self and Others: Brain Health’.   The new unit is available to middle and high school teachers statewide.  Students will learn about brain health, what is normal aging, the effect of music on the brain, concussion and brain injury prevention and awareness, dementia, providing care and the skill of advocacy.  Students will lead a brain health advocacy campaign in their schools and communities.

The DPI will pilot the program with teachers across Wisconsin.  Pilots will take place in the Spring and Fall of 2022.

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