UW IPE Inventory Survey

Diagram showing connections between CIPE and the allied health sciences on the UW-Madison campus.

In line with the UW CIPE’s new strategic planning, we are moving ahead in our work outlined during the Strategic Planning Workshop held June 25 and 26th. Please help us with the following information gathering. This particular request is in line with our efforts in conducting a cross-campus IPE Gap Analysis.

The UW CIPE is surveying different programs/departments/schools/ centers to provide us with information about their current (and potential) IPE-related programs/courses/activities/workshops/seminars/conferences/opportunities to develop a UW IPE Inventory list. The results will be used to do an IPE mapping across our campus, as well as to list the offerings on the UW CIPE Web site.

Please take 5-10 minutes to complete our REDCap survey. Your assistance is very valuable and crucial to us. Please complete the survey (https://redcap.ictr.wisc.edu/surveys/?s=MWPDTH8LDW) before the end of July.

Please also be advised that you will have the opportunity to return to this survey queue and modify and/or add new item to your responses at any time. In order to be able to return, please copy and save your queue’s link by clicking the “Get link to my survey queue” button on the top right corner of the survey queue screen.