UW CIPE 2019-2024 Strategic Directions Approval

UW CIPE Strategic Directions

As another success and milestone, UW CIPE is pleased to announce that its first ever 5-year Strategic Directions has been approved by the Health Science Leadership Council. UW CIPE, through collaboration with its internal and external partners and stakeholders, has developed its 5-year Strategic Directions to facilitate transforming health education and practice through interprofessional education, practice and research. To be successful, the UW CIPE Strategic Directions require that we work together as a community to embody a culture of Interprofessionalism that embraces collaboration, innovation, and forward thinking.

Strong and close engagement and partnership with all of our diverse stakeholders and partners continues to be critical in building and enhancing momentum as we celebrate successes and milestones along the way.

To celebrate the UW CIPE Strategic Directions milestone and to thank our partners, UW CIPE is hosting a Holiday Celebration on December 17th.