Incoming UW IPE PoD Students

UW CIPE is pleased to announce the incoming UW IPE Path of Distinction (UW IPE PoD) Program students.  The Incoming UW IPE PoD Cohort includes 6 cross-professional students from three programs: Genetic Counseling, Medicine, Nursing-TBSN (Traditional Bachelor of Science in Nursing). Congratulations and Welcome!

A Welcome and Orientation session was held on December 11, 2024.  Incoming UW IPE PoD Cohort students, current UW IPE PoD students and members of the UW CIPE Badger and PoD Taskforce also joined the session, welcoming the students. The session included small group activities for the students to get to know one another, a team challenge, and orientation. As they start their PoD journey, they will stay in close contact with their UW IPE PoD peers learning with, from, and about each other.

  • Charis Benjamin- Graduated Spring 2024- CONGRATULATIONS! 

UW IPE PoD Cohort Headshot- Charis Benjamin

Program/year: Doctor of Medicine, Class of 2024

What IPE means to me: Healthcare thrives when each member of a care team enters the room knowing they can teach and learn from one another. Skills learned in IPE will help me better facilitate collaborative and patient-centered care that encourages empathy and understanding among interprofessional teams in my future career as a physician.

  • Caroline Hess

Headshot, Hess, Caroline

Program/year: Traditional Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Class of 2025

What IPE means to me: Interprofessional collaboration is essential to providing quality health care to all patients we will serve in the future. This program allows many different healthcare providers the space to work together and learn from each other in order to provide superior care to patients.

  • Maddie Nikolai

Headshot, Nikolai, Madison

Program/year: Doctor of Medicine, Class of 2026

What IPE means to me: To me, IPE means recognizing the value of teamwork, communication, and mutual respect among colleagues from diverse disciplines. This education lays the foundation for a healthcare system where interprofessional collaboration is the norm, creating better outcomes for all.

  • Suseela Raj

Headshot- Raj, Suseela

Program/year: Doctor of Medicine, Class of 2027

What IPE means to me: I believe that learning effective interprofessional collaboration skills will be essential in my future career, as I look to best serve each individual patient in a diverse healthcare setting.

  • Hannah Than Win- Graduated Spring 2024- CONGRATULATIONS! 

Headshot- Than Win, Hannah- Updated

Program/year: Master of Genetic Counselor Studies, Class of 2024

What IPE means to me: To me, IPE means collaboration and integration of various medical experts to improve patient care and outcomes.

  • Hunter Wakefield

Headshot- Wakefield, Hunter

Program/year: Doctor of Medicine, Class of 2027

What IPE means to me: I see IPE as an opportunity to learn to work with and learn from others in group settings so that we are better able to succeed in our teams in the future.

Welcome to our most recent UW IPE POD students, Ethan Elazegui, a Veterinary Medicine student, who has joined us as of March 2024; Haley Buerger-Cole, a Medicine student who joined in April 2024, and Tori Salaba, a Physical Therapy Student, who joined in April 2024!

  • Ethan Elazegui

Elazegui, Ethan

Program/year: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Class of 2026

What IPE means to me: IPE to me means recognizing the value of teamwork and communication in collaborating with diverse healthcare professionals. This ensures the best possible outcomes for both my veterinary patients and my human counterparts’ patients through shared knowledge and expertise.

  • Haley Buerger-Cole

Headshot of Buerger-Cole, Haley

Program/year: Doctor of Medicine, Class of 2025

What IPE means to me: Although individually we all prioritize what is best for our patients, we underestimate how helpful it can be to put our different perspectives together in order to provide the best care to our patients and solutions to challenges in healthcare. IPE brings minds from multiple different backgrounds and education to reach these solutions for our patients, our communities, and our own well-being as healthcare professionals.

  • Tori Salaba

Headshot- Salaba, Tori

Program/year: Doctor of Physical Therapy, Class of 2025

What IPE means to me: As a future healthcare professional, interprofessional collaboration will be a cornerstone of my practice as I believe it leads to high quality care. Communication, teamwork, trust, and responsibility are elements critical to developing a high functioning interprofessional team. I think the coolest part of collaborating with a healthcare team is that everyone is working towards a common goal of achieving the best care for each patient.