Dr. Khalili’s Article at Journal of Interprofessional Care Addresses the Implications of Transitioning IPE to Virtual Environments

Online Education Article

Dr. Khalili has just published a Commentary in the COVID Special Issue of the Journal of Interprofessional Care. In this Online IPE during and post the COVID-19 pandemic commentary paper, Dr. Khalili discussed the conundrum that the pandemic has posed to many. Educators/facilitators are expected to employ online education, but some may lack the knowledge and expertise to create and facilitate an engaging, positive, and supportive online environment for their students. IPE itself is quite complex and challenging for many educators as in IPE we are working with diverse students’ population who come with different professional backgrounds, knowledge, skills and experience, while many of them may have preconceived notions and prejudices against each other. Adding another layer of complexity to this equation by fully transitioning IPE into a virtual environment is indeed a further challenge. This report discusses the application of Meaningful Discourse and the Community of Inquiry principles on developing online learning communities in interprofessional education.

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