Close to 300 UW-Madison Students Awarded IPE Fundamental Badge

IPE Badge1

Earlier this month, the UW CIPE, through its UW CIPE Badger Program, awarded 298 students from the Schools of Nursing and Pharmacy who have recently and successfully completed the four UW CIPE Foundational Competency Modules (Interprofessional Teamwork, Interprofessional Communication, Interprofessional Values and Ethics, and Interprofessional Roles and Responsibilities) with the IPE Fundamental Badge, a digital badge.


UW CIPE Badger Program is a branch of the UW-Madison Badger Program in which we recognize and award formal digital Badges (from introductory to advanced badges) to learners who participate in and successfully complete identified IPE offerings and activities through UW-Madison and its partners. Completion of UW CIPE Badges will be counted towards IPE Path of Distinction (TBD) at UW-Madison.

The IPE Fundamental Badge serves as virtual credentials recognizing students’ achievement in gaining the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude towards becoming interprofessional practitioners. The digital IPE Fundamental Badge can be showcased via personal profile, social media (LinkedIn), and shared with potential employers as a way to help learners articulate the skills they have gained from completing the badge criteria.

Please join us in congratulating these interprofessional students.