7-31-23 to 8-3-23: UW LEAP Program- Collaboration with UW–Madison’s Physical Therapy Program

Once again, UW CIPE hosted two Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD) high school students this past summer as part of the Physical Therapy (PT) LEAP Forward Internship Program. This PT LEAP Program is part of the UW LEAP Forward Internship in which high school students participate in a 6-week campus experience focusing on the health sciences.

The two high school students, who spent 12 hours with the UW CIPE office over the course of Monday, July 31 to Thursday, August 3, 2023, were Sarina Marting and Duncan Vogel. Both students attend James Madison Memorial High School in Madison.  Activities during the week included: an orientation to UW CIPE; a tour of the West campus health sciences buildings; an IPE activity where the students learned about healthcare team members’ roles and responsibilities; and tours of the SMPH Clinical Teaching and Assessment Center (CTAC) and the UW Health Simulation Center. We also hosted a lunch in honor of the LEAP interns and were joined by IPE leads in various programs and IPE PoD students. Sarina and Duncan were also able to attend the UW CIPE and Masters in Genetic Counseling Studies (MGCS) Program Check-in meeting. They received a tour of the Waisman Center and learned about the history of the Genetic Counseling Program at UW-Madison.  The students also participated in an IPE activity dissecting a clinical scenario and then discussing how teamwork impacts healthcare outcomes.  In addition, Sarina helped to brainstorm, along with the UW CIPE staff, an idea for an activity for the UW CIPE Interprofessional Teamwork Competency Module (ITCM). The week was exciting, and we enjoyed our time with Sarina and Duncan.

LEAP students Sarina and Duncan LEAP Student Sarina in UW Simulation Lab